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Life is a beach...

and I'm just playing in the sand.

9 March
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Born and Raised in Atl, Georgia. Graduated from GA State University. Married to my best friend. I am a Army wife and two year old's mom. A 26 year old Pisces. Loves chocolate, I'm from the south, so I love sweet tea and chicken biscuits. Loves to bump and dance to rap music, like to get spiritual and closer to God with gospel, I like to wind down with some oldies and slow jams, I like to be soothed with the sounds of Sade and Corrine B. Rae. I love to laugh and to make others laughs. I love being in love and I love being a mom to the most fantstic boy I have ever met.

That about sums me up!

This is journal somewhat friends only, meaning some entries I will post will be public and some will be private. YOu dont have to comment to add, just add me and I might add you back.